Strat Africa Business Consultancy 

Strategies that mean Business 


Looking for ways to grow your business? You should be looking to talk to us at Strat Africa.

Strat Africa is a consultancy that specializes in growth. We take pride in assisting organizations with their own evolution and with growth in a sustainable manner.

We focus on clients across the African continent. We specialize in difficult markets.

Strat Africa brings a wealth of experience to bear across a wide range of business sectors and is proud to offer the unique Strat Africa Fully-Charged® 

1. Strat Africa Charge-up®

Suited for New Market Entries and Business Start-ups

2. Strat Africa Re-Charge®

Suited for Stagnating organisations in need of Re-energized focus to achieve solid and Sustainable Growth

3. Strat Africa Turbo-Charge® 

Suited for Failing companies in distress that require Rapid and Effective Turnaround strategies


The key enablers for the Strat Africa Fully-Charged ® suite of business growth programmes reflect our Core Capabilities

»Change Management 

Gearing up your enterprise for Growth

»Corporate Strategy

Responding aggressively to evolving industry dynamics

»Customer and Marketing Strategies 

Ensuring your offer is presented where it counts most - directly in front of your customers eyes

»Leadership Journey

Boosting Leadership through Experience Transmission

»Knowledge Workshops

Up-skilling your staff for greater Effectiveness

»Capital Equipment Acquisition

Minimizing you Plant and Equipment Total Life-cycle Costs

At Strat Africa we have Growth Strategies that mean Business. For further information contact us