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Strat Africa Fully- Charged® methodologies

The Strat Africa Fully Charge® programmes include: Charge-Up® for New Market Entries and Start-ups, Re-Charge® for sustainable Growth, Turbo-Charge® for Business Turnarounds.

All companies are unique. Dependent on the agreed approach (focused CEO or broader management team) the Strat Africa programme methodology will be adapted for best fit.

As an Example:

For a Client contracting into the Strat Africa Recharge® Programme and choosing a broader management team approach, there would potentially be two phases:

Phase I - Analytical (Duration say 1-2 weeks)

  • Define and understand the internal strengths and weaknesses, and the external opportunities and threats to the organization.
  • Assess risks and impacts.
  • Agree on the Strategy going forward
  • Make recommendations for change.
  • Develop and Prioritize key implementation programmes
  • Agree objectives, deliverables, budget and timetable for key projects.
  • Agree staffing requirements and structure for key programmes.
  • Identify skill and competence gaps and further training needs of key personnel.
    Identify short-term actions for quick wins
  • Define internal communications strategy
  • Identify mechanism for ad hoc support and advice by Strat Africa outside the project structure as and when needed.

Phase II – Execution (Duration dependent on final scope)

  • Allocate resources including external functional expertise
  • Install a workable programme management process
  • Kick off all key programmes Consult with Strat Africa on key milestones and for process checks

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