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Capital Equipment Sourcing Lowering Total Life Cycle Costs

Capital plant and equipment acquisition, with the concomitant technology choices and often long lead times, can be a constraining challenge to fast-tracked Growth Strategy execution.

Clients engaged in any one of the Strat Africa Fully Charged® programmes can take advantage of a wide network of technology-enabled associates and alliance partners for unbiased technical input and sourcing of their specialized plant and equipment needs.

Industry domains where Strat Africa has focused expertise include, amongst others:

  • Petrochemical and Lubricants processes
  • Metals processing
  • Offshore drilling
  • Mining
  • Speciality Industrial gas plant and equipment
  • Bottling and packaging lines
  • Energy optimisation
  • Waste Treatment

Let Strat Africa assist in lowering your total life cycle plant and equipment costs by assisting you with your acquisition strategy.

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