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Leadership Journey - CEO Coaching Breaking Down Frontiers

Boosting Leadership Confidence through Experience Transmission.

The CEO role can make you lonely. You often have to turn the seemingly impossible into a reality. The needs are urgent. The pressures are high.

The Strat Africa Coaching Programme provides you, the Client, with a battle-hardened senior business executive who performs the dual role of acting as your personal business mentor, as well as your general business advisor. Mentoring will always be in strict confidence and conducted in accordance with Strat Africa’s core values

  • Goals and objectives.
  • A solid value proposition understood by all stakeholders.
  • Aligning all activities and resources to deliver on your strategy.
  • Understand your core strengths. Build and develop on these strengths.
  • Cultivate a proactive culture. Help people in your organisation move forward and take action. Remove blockages. Increase speed and agility.
  • Re-purpose resources trapped in non-critical activities (there is generally always a need for this).
  • Cultivate operational excellence (Not Easy)
  • Build trust. Encourage initiatives. Ensure collaboration.

To lead you must be transformational. Participation is not Leadership. There is no alternative. Lead or be led.

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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