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Customer and Marketing Strategies Clear Communication

Ensuring your offer is presented where it counts most - Right before your Customers’ eyes

Marketing in real-life revolves primarily around the application of a great deal of common-sense.

The challenge is to apply often limited resources under tight time scales for greatest effect.

Strat Africa will apply its well-honed marketing expertise to wrap simple and understandable process around the classic marketing mix to achieve enhanced Customer loyalty, at optimal cost.

  • Customer Segmentation – ensuring a targeted approach to Customer interaction
  • Product Mix – the right products for the right Customers
  • Brand Management – ensuring compelling propositions that are hard to match
  • Pricing strategies – arguably one of the most powerful of tools, if correctly implemented
  • Disciplined use of promotions – against strict metrics for guaranteeing return on spend
  • Sales and Channel Management – ensuring your offer is always in easy reach of your Customers

Strat Africa will help your company develop a winning marketing strategy, fully aligned with your corporate strategy and ensure focused metrics are in place to track delivery.

“In simplicity lie the seeds of explosively powerful propositions”

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