Strat Africa Business Consultancy 

Strategies that mean Business 

What We Do Specialising in Strategies for Growth

Strat Africa Fully-Charged® suite of Business Growth Programmes.

Strat Africa offers its Clients extraordinary return on consulting investment. This is achieved by deploying small highly effective teams that integrate with the organization to help deliver “break-through” performance.

We specialize in clearly defined strategies for Growth and in developing ‘fit-for-purpose’ answers to business problems.

We have an approach of taking on the future rather than trying to fix the past. The past we can learn from - but the future is what we need to manage.

Strat Africa offers pragmatic solutions - that work. We do not specialize in consultant ‘speak’ nor espouse theories of the day. We roll up our sleeves; get to grips with the issues and deliver focused results.

We partner with our Clients through the change process, focusing managers on the outcomes, honing their leadership skills and helping them prepare for tough implementation challenges.

Our Strat Africa Fully-Charged® suite of business growth programmes are specifically designed to:

  • Charge-Up® new market entries and business start-ups
  • Re-Charge® going concerns facilitating robust and sustainable growth
  • Turbo-Charge® business turn-arounds with a focused no-nonsense approach

At Strat Africa we deliver.