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Strat Africa Re-Charge® for Step-change sustainable Business Growth

Businesses evolve over time and although successful, can be guilty of drifting management focus, living with inefficient complex structures and ignoring hidden costs. To re-charge, a fundamental new approach is often required to challenge the existing ways of working, to identify core vs. non-core activities and to re-build a robust strategy to take the whole enterprise to the next level.

The structured Strat Africa Re-Charge® approach energizes executive management to challenge their existing business model and assists with defining a clearer view on the future.

Strat Africa works together with the business towards clear and well defined milestones agreed up-front. We insist on executive management ownership and firmly believe in the adage if you can not measure you can not manage.

Strat Africa will assist in:

  • Rebuilding your business around a profitable core centre
  • Translating your new growth strategy into operational terms
  • Aligning the organization to the growth strategy
  • Installing greater organizational efficiencies through the balanced scorecard approach
  • Mentoring leadership to entrench ongoing sustainability

Acquisitions and Mergers
Growth strategies that include acquisitions, mergers, partnerships, joint ventures or strategic alliances give companies the opportunity to compete under a number of different scenarios. Do not under-estimate the power of these strategies to provide a step-change in business growth prospects. The Strat Africa Re­-Charge® and Turbo-Charge® programmes can assist in making the correct choices in this arena. By using Strat Africa’s modeling techniques, future business scenarios become a testing ground to facilitate optimal strategic decisions.

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