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Strat Africa Turbo-charge® for Business Turn-around

Research will show that up to 87% of all businesses will face crisis at some stage in their evolution. With the focused Strat Africa Turbo-Charge® Business Turn-around Programme, Strat Africa will work with your leadership and your business teams to rapidly re-focus your business. We will help by:

  • Tailoring a Business Turn-around Strategy for getting out of the crisis and re-directing for longer term growth.
  • Developing a Turn-around Plan linked to action, responsibilities, timelines and measurable performance.
  • Driving the required Crisis Management to arrest the decline, take back control of the cash flow and banking ‘quick hits’.
  • If necessary, assisting with the raising of finance or restructuring of the balance sheet to ensure sustainable debt levels, repayment plans and a re-configured valuation of the business.

The Strat Africa Turbo-Charge® Business Turn-around Programme enables senior managers of distressed companies to understand the critical causes of poor results, in order to quickly stem losses and restore growth. A well-crafted business turn-around strategy leads clients on an accelerated journey to regain their lost potential. Turn-arounds often call for building a stronger management team, making acquisitions or devising an exit strategy.

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