Strat Africa Business Consultancy 

Strategies that mean Business 

Why Strat Africa? Ten Reasons to Believe.

  1. At Strat Africa We Mean Business.
  2. Strat Africa’s  Fully-Charged®suite of business growth programmes provides the process, structure and framework for positive transformation.
  3. Strat Africa's offer includes: Charge-Up® for New Market Entries and Start-ups, Re-Charge® for Step-change sustainable Growth and  Turbo-Charge® for business turnarounds.
  4. We give clear practical advice that is concise and jargon-free.
  5. We are a lean operation. We only take on business when we know we can add value.
  6. We are battle-hardened in the business arena. We have hard-won business experience and we make it our business to leverage this experience to our Clients' advantage. 
  7. We have a track record of solid returns on consulting investment.
  8. We know a lot about Africa. 
  9. We treat difficult markets as a challenge. 
  10. Importantly, we do what we do, because we enjoy doing it.